【Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.】 2015, 54 (38), 11068-11072.

Iwase, K.; Yoshioka, T.; Nakanishi, S.; Hashimoto, K.; Kamiya, K.



The electrochemical oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) is an important cathode reaction of various types of fuel cells. The development of electrocatalysts composed only of abundant elements is a key goal because currently only platinum is a suitable catalyst for ORR. Herein, we synthesized copper-modified covalent triazine frameworks (CTF) hybridized with carbon nanoparticles (Cu-CTF/CPs) as efficient electrocatalysts for the ORR in neutral solutions. The ORR onset potential of the synthesized Cu-CTF/CP was 810 mV versus the reversible hydrogen electrode (RHE; pH 7), the highest reported value at neutral pH for synthetic Cu-based electrocatalysts. Cu-CTF/CP also displayed higher stability than a Cu-based molecular complex at neutral pH during the ORR, a property that was likely as a result of the covalently cross-linked structure of CTF. This work may provide a new platform for the synthesis of durable non-noble-metal electrocatalysts for various target reactions.